usage method of Eastar battery

2016-07-19 16:36
12V 150AH Economical Lead-acid Battery
Lead acid battery using method:
(1) do not short-circuit the battery. When the battery's positive and negative electrode through the external material to achieve electrical contact, the battery is short circuit, for example, in the pocket of the battery will be the key or coins and other metal materials such as short circuit.
(2) the correct installation of the battery, so that the polarity of the battery ("+" and "-") and the correct use of electrical appliances marked corresponding. If the battery is incorrectly mounted back to the electrical appliance, a short circuit or charge may occur, resulting in a rapid increase in the temperature of the battery.
(3) don't try to charge the battery. Charging the battery can not be charged, will make the battery inside the gas and heat.
(4) don't force the battery to discharge. When the battery is forced to discharge, the voltage will be lower than the design performance and the gas inside the battery.
(5) do not heat or direct welding batteries. When the battery is heated or welded, the heat can cause short circuit inside the battery.
(6) do not disassemble the battery. When the battery is disassembled or separated, there is a potential contact between the battery components, which leads to a short circuit.
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