methods of using Eastar battery (2)

2016-07-19 16:36
12V 75AH Economical Lead-acid Battery
(7) do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types, brand mix. When you need to replace the battery, you should use the same brand, the same model, the same batch of new batteries to replace all the batteries. When different brands and models of the battery or the old and new different Battery Co use, due to the different battery voltage or capacity between different parts of the battery will occur over discharge.
(8) do not make the battery deformation. Don't squeeze, expose or other forms of damage to the battery, the battery short-circuit often leads to abuse.
(9) do not put the battery into the fire. When the battery is put into the fire, the heat collection party causes explosion and personal injury, in addition to the appropriate control of the burning process, do not try to burn the battery.
(10) do not allow children to contact the battery or in the absence of adult supervision of the battery replacement. Those who are likely to be swallowing battery should be avoided as far as possible keep out of reach of children, especially those who can put the battery as shown in the figure, the feeding gauge. Once a person has been eating a battery, they should immediately seek medical help.
(11) do not seal or change the battery. Sealed batteries or other forms of change battery, will make the battery safety valve is blocked, so that when the battery can not be discharged in time when the gas. If you think you have to change the battery, you should try to get the manufacturer's recommendations.
(12) for a battery that is not used, it should be kept in their original packaging and as far away from the metal as possible. If the package is opened, it shall be ordered to discharge and not to be confused. When the battery and the metal material are mixed together, it is possible to make the battery short circuit. The best way to avoid this situation is to use their original packaging to save the battery.
(13) unless it is used in an emergency, the battery should be removed from the power supply device for long periods of time. When a battery is not up to the satisfaction of the effect or can be expected is not used for a long time, the device removal is beneficial, although the market battery with protective covering or in other ways to control the leakage, but a part of or is completely run out of battery or than a no battery easier leakage liquid
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