Main characteristics of lead-acid battery

2016-07-19 16:36
12V 80AH Superior Lead-acid Battery
Here will introduce some main Eastar battery characteristics:
1、Safety seal:
In normal operation, the electrolyte does not leak from the terminal or the outer shell of the battery.
2、No free acid:
The partition will keep special liquid acid, no free acid inside the battery, the battery can be placed in any position.
3、Discourage system:
Battery pressure exceeds the normal level after, VRLA (Valve-Regulated lead acid battery is "valve control type sealed lead-acid battery" abbreviation) battery will release the excess gas and automatically re sealing to ensure no excess gas in the battery.
4、Simple maintenance:
Due to the unique gas recombination system to produce the gas into water, in the process of using the battery does not need to add water.
5、Long service life:
The lead calcium alloy board corrosion resistance structure, the battery can be used for 10-15 years float.
6、Stable quality and high reliability:
Using advanced production technology and strict quality control system, the quality of the battery is stable and reliable. Voltage, capacity and seal on line for 100% inspection.
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