Installation and debugging of lead acid battery

2016-07-19 16:35
12V 80AH Economical Lead-acid Battery
there is some knoeleadge of Installation and debugging of lead acid battery:
(1) the use of tools such as pliers with insulated sleeve etc.. The use of non insulated tools will result in short circuit, heating or burning, damage to the battery.
(2) do not put the battery in a closed room or near the fire source, otherwise it may due to the hydrogen release the battery caused by the explosion or fire.
(3)Do not use the diluent, gasoline, kerosene or synthetic liquid to clean the battery. Use of the above material will cause the battery shell rupture leak or fire.
(4)And when 45 volts or more high voltage battery, to take safety measures with rubber insulated gloves that might otherwise be subjected to electric shocks.
(5)We do not put the battery in place may be flooded. If the battery is immersed in water, it may burn or shock.
(6)Please remove the battery. The slow processing. Do not allow the battery to rupture or leak.
(7)He put the batteries on the device, it should be installed in the following equipment, for the inspection, maintenance and replacement.
(8)Do not move the battery, battery charging. Do not underestimate the weight of the battery, careless handling may cause damage to the operator.
(9)Only don't produce static electricity can cover the battery materials. Static electricity can cause a fire or explosion.
(10)In the battery terminals, the connecting sheet using an insulating cover, to prevent electric shock.
(11) battery installation and maintenance needs of qualified person. It can be dangerous for an unskilled person to do that.
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