History of battery

2016-07-19 16:37
                                                                                                                                    12V 60AH Classic Lead-acid Battery
Battery was invented by the French in 1859 by Plante, has been more than 100 years of history. Lead acid battery since the invention, in the chemical power supply has been an absolute advantage. This is because of its low price, easy access to raw materials, the use of adequate reliability, suitable for large current discharge and a wide range of environmental temperature range, etc..
Plante in 1859 lead-acid battery, has experienced nearly 150 years of development history, lead-acid batteries in the theoretical research, in terms of product species and varieties, the electrical properties of the product such as have been made great progress, both in traffic, communication, electric power, military also is in navigation, aviation every sector of the economy, lead-acid battery plays an important role.
By the beginning of twentieth Century, the lead-acid battery has gone through a number of major improvements to improve the energy density, cycle life, high rate discharge and other properties. However, the opening type lead-acid battery has two main drawbacks: charging at late stage of water can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen precipitation, often adding acid and water, heavy maintenance work; II gas overflow carry acid, corrosion around the equipment, and the environment is polluted, limiting the cell applications. In the past twenty years, in order to solve the above two problems, countries around the world are competing to develop sealed lead-acid batteries, hoping to achieve the battery seal, access to clean green energy.
In 1912 thomasedison: patent, is presented in the upper space of a single cell using platinum wire. When the current through the, platinum is heated, become a catalyst for hydrogen and oxygen, so that the precipitation of H2 and O2 to combine, returned to the electrolyte. But the patent could not be put into practice: the platinum catalyst was quickly invalid; the gas was not separated from the stoichiometric number of 2 oxygen by hydrogen, and the gas inside the battery was still in place, and there was a danger of explosion.
In 60's, the United States Gates company invented the lead calcium alloy, causing the sealed lead-acid battery to open heat, the world's major battery companies put a lot of manpower and material resources for development.
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