Classifications of battery

2016-07-19 16:37
                                                                                                                          12V 62AH Economical Lead-acid Battery
There are three main classifications of lead-acid battery which are General storage battery,dry charged battery, Maintenance free battery.
1、General storage battery:
The electrode plate of the common storage battery is composed of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is the aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is low (that is, the storage of battery energy per kilogram), the use of short life and the daily maintenance of frequent.
2、Dry charged battery:
Its full name is dry charged lead-acid battery, its main characteristic is negative plate has higher storage capacity of a battery, in the dry state, can in two years to save the electricity, when in use, just to join the electrolyte, after 20 - 30 minutes can be used.
3、Maintenance free battery:  Due to its own advantages in the structure, the electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life of the basic need to add distilled water. It also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, shock resistance, small volume, small self discharge. Service life is generally two times the average battery. Market maintenance free battery has two kinds: first at the time of purchase disposable add electrolyte after use does not need to maintain (adding and supplementing the liquid); another is a battery factory has increased the electrolyte and sealed, users cannot add liquid.
The lead-acid battery has 2 V, 4 V, 6 V, 8 V, 12 V, 24 V series, capacity from 200 milliampere to 3000 ah.
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