Chemical Property of Lead-acid Battery

2016-07-19 16:38
lead acid battery

Chimical property of lead-acid battery:
When the discharge of lead-acid battery is carried out, the concentration of sulfuric acid solution will continue to decrease, when the density of the solution is reduced to 1.18g/ml, the use of charging should be stopped
Battery in charge2PbSO₄+2H₂O=PbO₂+Pb+2H₂SO₄ (Electrolytic cell)
Discgarge: PbO₂+Pb+2H₂SO₄=2PbSO₄+2H₂O (Primary battery)
anode: PbSO₄ + 2H₂O- 2e ‐ === PbO₂ + 4H﹢ + SO₄²‐
cathode: PbSO₄ + 2e ‐=== Pb + SO₄²‐
negative: Pb + SO₄²‐- 2e=== PbSO₄
positive: PbO₂ + 4H ﹢ +SO4²‐ + 2e ‐=== PbSO₄ + 2H₂O
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