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What do you think of Japanese battery time

2016-08-03 11:08

No one wants to happen, but the fact does occur, the main reason is the problem of battery, the battery Dongyang cautioned that the future development of the mobile phone has become the most important problem is not configured, but become an obstacle to the Oriental battery power, or such a phenomenon frequently, needs to be overcome the bottleneck of the lithium battery. Mobile phone battery is more mature.
Analysis of Dongyang battery charging time reason
For non emergency power supply, battery, if the case of a long time, but after charging is completed in a short time after the use is completed, most users will not buy such a battery again, directly to the product replacement for more efficient power products. In the face of such a situation, in fact, it can be from why the battery charging time, and the reason for the low power consumption to solve such problems.
Faced with such a problem, in fact, Toyo battery has a unique analysis: aggregation within porous electrode in the battery gas, reducing the contact area of electrolyte and porous electrode, the electrochemical reaction of the interface charge is greatly reduced, so that the charging rate of chemical reaction is reduced, the charging is very difficult, the charging time prolonged. This will have the time to charge the battery longer, but also in the release of electricity has a certain impact.
If the charging time is relatively long, Dongyang battery can provide some suggestions to reduce the charging time, in such a long time, cause some problems. When the battery is charged, there is no flame around it. Connect the battery charging circuit, should connect the wires, and then open the charger, do not allow to open the charger, after the wire, to prevent sparks. Pay attention to safety, even if it can not reduce the time of charging.
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