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Hot product: 12V 150AH Superior grade Lead-acid battery

2016-07-19 16:29
12V 150AH Superior Lead-acid Battery

Capacity Standard Type Specifications(mm) Shell Color Package Color
Length Width Height Total Height 
150AH  JIS Superior 508 222 213 238 Black Orange

12V 150AH Superior Lead-acid battery, the most popular product in the market. 12V 150AH battery made by professional working team with the highest quality so that attract most battery customers.
1.This quotation refers to the current wholesale prices valid for 3 months since now. 
2.The minimum purchase order should be equal or more than 50 batteries. 
3.All customers shall pick up goods by themselves from the FBI FZE factory or storehouses. 
4.A cash reward will be given back to the distributor who purchases over 500 batteries by month. 

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